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Begin Your College Journey with Iowa Student Loan

You’ve bought your books and you’ve learned the fight song, but do you really have everything you need to start college?

You’ve bought your books and you’ve learned the fight song, but do you really have everything you need to start college? What about financing? Don’t worry! Fidelity Bank & Trust is here to help you figure out exactly what you need to help pay for your education.

Fidelity works with Iowa Student Loan, a private nonprofit corporation designed to help Iowa students and families pay for their college education. They offer private student loans to supplement other sources of student financial aid, like federal student loans. To date, they have helped over 392,500 students pay for college, and Fidelity Bank & Trust is proud to work with them to help you reach your education goals.

The Iowa Student Loan website is the central hub where you can apply for a loan, learn about the different types of loans offered, and access tools to help you plan for your college financing journey. They have interactive game plans for student and parents, a return on college investment tool, and a budget calculator!

However, the best tools you have are the financial experts right here at Fidelity Bank & Trust, like Susan Osterhaus, Vice President. Susan has plenty of great advice for bright-eyed students ready to take the next step toward their college education:

  • "Make sure your FAFSA is filled out." The first thing you should do before considering a private student loan is to exhaust all your other options for financial aid, including federal student aid, scholarships, and grants. Iowa Student Loan is designed to supplement – not replace – other funding sources.


  • "Have your financial information available when you apply." The application for a private student loan will ask for your (or your parents') financial information in detail. The process is much smoother when you have all of that ready in front of you.


  • "Make sure you know the difference between each repayment plan." Understanding your repayment plan is vital because it determines when you need to start paying back your loan. Iowa Student Loan has three repayment options: Immediate, for those who want to start making payments right away while at school; Interest-Only, for those who only want to pay interest while they are in school; and Deferred, for those who want to wait until they graduate to start making payments. 

Does a private student loan sound like a practical option to you? Are you ready to take the next step? We are excited to help, so come see us at Fidelity Bank & Trust, or head over to our Student Loan Page to learn more about Iowa Student Loan today!

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