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Don’t Leave Your Finances to Luck

Trust in Fidelity to Protect your Information

With the month of March comes St. Patrick’s Day! Though you may feel extra lucky this month it’s best to not leave your finances to luck! With Fidelity Bank & Trust, your luck matters not, for we have your back, offering you things to protect your finances and accounts: We also have several protections against identity fraud. Our own Keith McGinnis, Credit Analyst Manager, AVP, discusses some ways that Fidelity can assure that your luck has nothing to do with your finances!

Keith says that Fidelity has many ways to protect its customers and accounts including, “chip-enabled debit and credit cards, Shazam Bolt$, and ID Shield.”

Fidelity Bank & Trust has partnered with CyberScout, allowing customers to enroll in ID Shield for a small fee, which gives you the most comprehensive proactive monitoring and protections services available.  

Shazam Bolt$, is a free mobile app that alerts you of potential fraud, which is available in the App Store and Google Play. If a transaction is suspicious, you have the ability to pause your card in the app rather than calling the company to cancel it. 

Regarding additional advice for customers to further protect their finances, Keith says, “little things like shredding financial documents and covering the keypad when typing your PIN in public can go a long way in protecting yourself from identity theft. Paperless billing is also a great option as documents are sent directly to your e-mail which eliminates the possibility of someone stealing your bank statement or other documents during delivery.”

Fidelity Bank & Trust always looks to help protect and improve your personal finances and want to present recommendations on how to progress further:

  • Pay off your highest interest rate obligations first. This will typically be credit cards with rates exceeding 25%, especially those held with larger financial institutions such as Chase, CitiBank, and Capital One.
  • Pay cash for purchases and only spend what you have in hand. Postponing purchases that you would normally put on a credit card until you have the cash is a good habit.
  • As far as retirement, take advantage of employer contributions and at a minimum, contribute the maximum amount your employer will match. For example, if your employer offers a 4% match on your 401k and you’re only contributing 2%, you’re leaving free money on the table.
  • Make a budget and stick to it. A budget can help you identify necessary versus unnecessary expenses. Fidelity’s online banking includes MySpending, a budgeting tool that allows customers to customize their budget into 15 categories. Since MySpending is already linked to your Fidelity accounts, there is very little additional setup.
  • Be mindful of the interest rate environment and take advantage of refinancing opportunities, particularly your mortgage. Fidelity’s mortgage rates are updated regularly on our website, www.bankfidelity.bank.

You don’t need luck when you have Fidelity Bank & Trust but if you have any questions about your financial security or are ready to sign up for IDShield through Fidelity Bank & Trust, check out our website!