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Five Star Club

Have fun with your bank!

How many people can say that they have fun with their bank? If you are a Fidelity Bank and Trust customer, you can! Fidelity Bank and Trust likes to create unique experiences for our customers, even outside the bank's walls. This is especially true of the Five Star Club, headed by Jolene Rahe. The Five Star Club is for customers that are 50 years old or older and have a $5,000 relationship with the bank. This can include a combination of checking, savings, CDs, IRAs and loans. We have three Five Star Club directors to accommodate to the large area we cover, so there is always something to plan for.

This club is full of fun with plenty of reasons to join:

1. Prime Bank Benefits. Five Star Club members can make the most of their banking experience with plenty of five-star perks. Members can enjoy a Super Now checking account with no minimum balance or monthly service charge, free personalized checks and debit card, $10 off a safe deposit box, and a special newsletter that comes out four times a year. "It's chock-full of events, services and getaways," Rahe says. “You certainly don't want to miss what we have in store!”

2. Trips and Events. The Five Star Club has activities for all types of people, whether you like traveling to different places or just attending community events. They will take longer trips, like the recent trip they took to Alaska in June, or shorter day trips like to a ballgame or a show. Events are typically held locally across our markets, like the upcoming Dyersville Summer Picnic in August, or the Hee Haw Day in September. Rahe likes to choose events that resonate most with the members. "I listen to what people want and what they are asking for," she says. The most requested experiences are the mystery trips, where the location and activities are a surprise to those who sign up! It's all about people having fun," Rahe says.

3. Meet New People. The number one goal of this club is to provide a place for customers to meet new people and have fun. What is unique about the club's experiences is that they are typically only for groups of people as opposed to individuals, making them perfect for social interaction. "The members' favorite part about the club is the camaraderie of being around friends and acquaintances," explains Rahe.

So, if you're over 50 and looking for new and exciting things to do, look no further than Fidelity Bank and Trust's Five Star Club! Check out our website to see what kind of fun the Five Star Club has planned for this year, and stop in to a Fidelity Bank and Trust location to enroll today! 


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