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Four Reasons To Use Mobile Wallet This Black Friday

Four Reasons To Use Mobile Wallet This Black Friday

Leave your wallet at home this Black Friday and use Fidelity Bank & Trust’s mobile wallet, instead! With the Fidelity Bank & Trust Mobile Banking app, available in both Apple and Android app stores, you can do anything you can on a computer, on the go.

“With Mobile Wallet, you can save your Fidelity Bank & Trust Credit and Debit cards right to your phone’s Digital Wallet to make payments anywhere,” says Lisa Leibold, Assistant VP-Branch Manager.

Here are four reasons to use Mobile Wallet this Black Friday and throughout the holiday shopping season.

Increased Security

Worried about fraudsters? Don’t be! Digital Wallets are actually one of the most secure ways to complete transactions because none of your card information is stored on your device, nor does the retailer receive any of your information. Instead, each payment is assigned a unique, encrypted account number and authorized with a one-time security code, making it nearly impossible for stolen information or unauthorized purchases.

Retailers Widely Accept Payments

Nowadays, more and more retailers have digital payment terminals. You never have to fumble around in your wallet ever again looking for a certain card. All you have to do is touch your smart device to the payment terminal, wait for the green light, and you’re good to go!

Online Shopping

More and more retailers are making it easier to access your Digital Wallet on their websites. This can make checkout much quicker and convenient, so you can snag those deals faster.

Loyalty Rewards Programs

You can add loyalty cards from your favorite retailers right to your Digital Wallet and earn points every time you pay digitally. No need to carry around a wallet full of cards or a key ring with tags attached.

Consider loading your Fidelity Bank & Trust Debit or Credit card into your Digital Wallet this holiday shopping season to save on time and increase your security. And while you’re at it, download the Fidelity Bank & Trust Mobile Banking app for all your Mobile Banking needs.

Your Hometown Bank is here to help you manage your finances on-the-go this holiday season. Learn more about our Mobile Banking services here.