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Goals for the New Year

Setting financial goals for yourself and your business for 2019

Most everyone makes a resolution at the beginning of the year to change something about themselves, but resolutions aren’t just for personal reasons. Setting goals for your business and shaping up your business’ finances in 2019 can be easy, and Aaron Zumbach, Market President is ready to help you with a few tips to get everything back on track.

Becoming financially responsible:

“Understand your cost of production, this includes carrying costs for all of your capital investment as well. Your bank is available to assist you with these numbers. This is a critical 1st step in planning for profitable operations,” says Zumbach.

Becoming financially knowledgeable:

“Implement a proactive marketing plan” explains Zumbach.  “Once you have identified the critical information addressed in the 1st point this becomes much easier. Do not be afraid of marketing tools designed to protect you. Cash contracts, Hedge to Arrives, Puts and Calls,” says Zumbach.

Continually Changing Economy:

“Do not fear change, rather welcome it. If something is not working to your satisfaction, you do not face an all or nothing alternative. There are many steps that can be evaluated,” says Zumbach.

“Remember, the economy we operate in is dynamic, not static. It is always changing. The banking industry changes in this environment as does industry and agriculture. Those who can identify when change is needed are the ones who will continue to succeed, “explains Zumbach.

We would love to discuss your financial goals for 2019 and figure out a plan that works for you! Look to Fidelity Bank & Trust to provide the necessary information and customer assistance needed.